Wrong Bra Size? Here’s Why Size Does Matter

Did you know that most women are wearing the wrong bra size?

And did you know that wearing the wrong one can potentially harm your health?

Here are 4 consequences of not having the perfect fit for your curves:

1. Neck, Back, Shoulder and Breast Pain

Wearing a bra that is too small for you can cause pain in your breasts and rib cage. And in some cases, women with large breasts will experience pain in the neck and back due to wearing the wrong size; the size does not provide the support that they need. 

2. Sagging

Without the proper support for your breasts, this encourages sagging. While they do sag for other reasons such as menopause, pregnancy, etc., ill-fitting bras can cause premature or excessive sagging too!

Bra support mainly comes from the bra band. If the band is too loose, it is unable to support the weight of the breasts. Make sure that it is tight enough without any slipping issues and at the same time loose enough to slide a finger (or two) underneath it. So make sure when you go and shop for bras, do take note of the band. Or leave it to a professional!

3. Posture Problems

The wrong size can cause you to have bad posture! That’s because the pain caused by the wrong size – neck, shoulder and back pain – can put your body in a particular position (hunched shoulders) to relieve the discomfort.

Did you know that bad posture can impact your lung function? It leads to less air breathed into the lungs. Without sufficient oxygen, your brain, heart and other organs can be affected as well.

4. Blocked Lymph Nodes

This is not to scare but to inform you that blocked lymph nodes may happen in severe cases. The lymphatic vessels are fragile and susceptible to pressure. Hence, when you repetitively wear bras that are too tight, this can cause the lymph nodes to clog.

Here are just some health complications resulted from the wrong bra size. Is it time for a trip to the lingerie store? 🙂



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