What Does Happiness Mean To You?

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. Happiness. 

It is a state of being happy. Different people have different ways of defining what happiness is. I was interested to find out what happiness is to the people around me. Is the family their happiness? Could it be their job? The money they make? Or perhaps a hidden hobby? 

While reading through their responses, I knew that they are worth sharing because I was convinced that there is no universal definition of this nine-letter word. Interesting, isn’t? Maybe you’re on a mission to seek happiness or you have already discovered it. Whichever it is, I would like to invite you to read the following responses. I’m sure you will learn something just as I did.

For me, happiness is to do what I like to do and to stay with people I love – Jennifer

True, it makes me happy when I get to do things I am passionate about and surrounded by my loved ones.

Happiness to me means being able to accept oneself, no matter the flaw, and living your life to the fullest according to your own standards. No happiness means the same to two people, hence it is most definitely a self-discovery adventure that one needs to take in order to find fulfilment in the little things in life – Adeela

Acceptance and the willingness to improve self are important as life can be dreadful when you’re not in peace with yourself. I agree that it does take time to explore and discover what one’s happiness is.

Happiness is when you do something that makes others happy – JG

It warms the heart knowing what you do puts a smile on someone’s face:)

Happiness is rejoice in the Lord. Happiness is…
To see others smile
To see other Happy…
To encourage one and another..
To help one and another.
To see the result of ur effort is a success
To pray one and another..
To forgive one and another – Ros

Happiness is to know the Saviour and happiness is loving our neighbours:)

Happiness is being optimistic coz happiness is a choice – Mandy

“Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy”

Happiness to me is seeing the people I like to be happy. Happiness works like a positive feedback loop. If the people you care for are happy, it feeds into your sense of happiness and that bounces the positive energy all around. It’s because of this that I also believe it’s good to surround yourself with people and things you like.


A pleasant environment creates a pleasant state of mind. In reality, life may not be this idyllic, which is why practising self-care is vital. Spend time with a pet, read your favourite story, and get some proper rest. At the end of the day, mental and physical wellbeing go hand in hand to form a positive and happy lifestyle – Jenny

It makes me happy to see the people around me happy. I believe happiness is meant to be shared. Also, I can resonate with the statement “..mental and physical wellbeing go hand in hand to form a positive and happy lifestyle”. There are times where we need to give an extra TLC to ourselves. 

Happiness, to me, is the self-satisfaction I only experience when I’m reminded that I’m loved and cared for by the gestures of people that I care about. Growing up with mild anxiety, I often find it difficult and uneasy being with people whom I’m not socially close to like strangers and acquaintances, and it usually leads me to feel mentally constrained and dispirited. But, whenever I’m with my small circle of friends, it’s the only time where I can function normally where I’m not afraid to be my true self like being set free from an imaginary chain. We sometimes bully yet respect each other, and always offer a helping hand whenever one of us seem to be left behind down the road. These are the few people in my life that spark a little bit of light when things get dark – Jason

When you know there is a group of people, big or small, who got your back no matter what the situation is, you are loved and blessed:)

Happiness is making my loved ones smile be it my act of service or achievement – Charlyn

Yup, I’m looking forward to the day when my parents get to witness me receiving my scroll on stage:)

Happiness for me, it must consist of pain and joy at the same time. True happiness actually involves a lot of pain and sacrifice. When you are in pain and you still can find happiness within, then that’s true happiness.


Happiness for me is not only a feeling but a companion as well. Even though you are alone, you won’t feel lonely because we have happiness surrounding us which is my family, my good friends like you all, and the understanding of God! God still loves us and accepts us no matter who we are, as long as we believe in Him!


Happiness for me is something that will not fade away when you know how to find the little joys in your daily life. It is something eternal.


However, happiness is hard to find nowadays. Perhaps when you know yourself better day by day, then happiness will automatically draw close to you. When you feel upset and still able to keep yourself positive by getting inspiration or motivation around you, u will find that everything happens for a reason. Knowing this, you feel blessed That’s when I can feel the happiness – YY

Without experiencing pain, sadness, suffering, how can we truly experience happiness? Beautiful thoughts!

Happiness is family, friends, and food! – Cassey

Couldn’t agree more, friend! 

Admittedly this is one of the hardest questions that has been haunting me. At different phases of my life, I came up with several answers. Loved ones, material satisfaction, benevolence, personal ambition, and religious faith. I believed “happiness” can be attained by creating a blueprint of it and completing all the prerequisites.


My pursuit for “happiness”, however, was like a tail-chasing game. It forced me to reexamine and redefine my understanding of “happiness”.  It is a state of joyous, pleasure or feeling good. Yet these fleeting emotions contradict with the notion of “happiness” that implies permanence. Most of the time I would find myself lingering in other states more than in being happy. Therefore, the pursuit of “happiness” is unattainable because it is a monochromatic word used to deny a rich spectrum of human feeling. It causes polarised understanding of human feeling. I am not happy but I am not unhappy. 


Perhaps it did happen to others. That “happiness” does exist and is attained by them. Whoever encourages the notion of “happiness” may carry good intention but so far it has done more misleading than clarity to me. I suspected the pursuit of “happiness” derives from the deep yearning of a sense of purpose or meaning to one’s life because it would then justifies the existence and the suffering. In Nietzsche’s words, “He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how”. This may not sound as encouraging as the pursuit of “happiness”, but it is liberating me from the endless tail chasing loop.


So what if I finally catch my tail? What am I going to do with it? I needed a why. If happiness is redefined as a fulfilment of life, then I aspire to live a life of personal dedication to a cause greater than myself. That comes with full acknowledgement that it can be an arduous labour of a lifetime. It will inflict torture, anger, or even cause me regrets. I want to do it because I find it meaningful. Appreciation for greatness in life is not complete without death and suffering.


Thus I see there must be reason and meaning to the “unhappiness”.
Maybe I am born too restless and miserable to understand “happiness”. Or maybe it is God’s intention to make me bear so others won’t have to. I may have had “happy” moments, but I do not have “happiness”. I am contented but I am not happy. And that’s okay – Caroline

Yes, there is no blueprint for attaining happiness. It takes experience before we can define our own happiness. And friend, I have to say that God never intended His children to be unhappy. It’s just a matter of time until you discover your happiness. Cheer up!

How did your reading go? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. It wouldn’t be fair if I end this article without sharing my take on happiness so here it is:

To me, happiness is to have a strong relationship with the source of all happiness. With this relationship, even when you have to swim against the tides, you will still be able to find reasons to be happy. And that source of all happiness is none other than the Creator Himself.

Have a good day, friends:)



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