Water-hater: Do You Hate Drinking Water?

a child drinking a glass of water

Are you a “water-hater”? Back in my university days, I was shocked to learn that one of my friends hates drinking water.

She hates the “flavour” of water and would claim that drinking a lot of water makes her throat sore (It can’t be the quality of the water because I remember her buying Spritzers all the time haha).

And there’s me who carries a bottle of water wherever I go. Without my 600ml of water, I feel….incomplete. 

Are you a “water-hater” as well? You know that drinking water is essential for health but at the same time, your palette just cannot accept its taste.

Here are 4 tips that you can follow to get into the habit of hydrating yourself!

1. Add Flavour To Your Water

lemon plus herb water

You can add flavour to your water by adding slices of lemon, lime, cucumber or berries. Other alternatives can be peppermint leaves or other herbs of your choice. This method might help you make that necessary gulps!

2. Get Active!

Another way to get our H2O is by joining vigorous activities such as exercise or sports. When your body is in desperate need to hydrate itself, no doubt you will gulp down a glass (or two, even better) without a blink.

3. Invest In A “Fancy” Water Bottle

Woman drinking boxed water

This might work for some people. The more attractive the bottle is, the more drawn one gets to actually use the bottle. You do not have to get a “fancy” one actually. Perhaps, just by bringing a bottle with you wherever you go, you will tend to appreciate it more because it is the nearest water source to you.

4. Use A Water-Drinking Reminder App

The latter method works best with this one.  If the presence of the bottle alone failed to remind you, consider installing a water-drinking reminder app. This app will help you to build water drinking habits throughout the day. Unsure of which app to use? Click here for ideas.



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