Two Things You Can Do NOW To Lose Weight

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Planning to lose weight? Congratulations! You are on the right track!

Whatever your goal is, you must start somewhere. It cannot be done in a twinkling of an eye. Take this for an example; you plan to build your dream house. The next logical step that you would take instantly is to think of your budget. After that, it would be surveying for the right building plot etc.

The same applies to weight loss. Again, you must start somewhere and believe it or not, your starting point does not have to be complicated. I’m not telling you to go to the gym immediately.

Therefore, here I’ve listed two simple things that you can do to start losing weight this very minute!

1) Start Planning

planning schedule on calender

Planning ahead is the key to success. Once you decide to lose weight, you must understand that there are many things that must be taken into consideration. How much portion of your time would you like to commit to doing some exercises? How are you going to do it? Walking? Jogging? Playing sports?  Do you also want to plan out your meals? When you plan, it makes your goals appear clearer and organized.

2. Find A Friend

gym partners working out together

Generally, we humans need companionship. We need someone there by our side to teach, guide, motivate and encourage. Find someone from your circle of friends that you think would be interested to help you in reaching your goal. Find a friend that has the knowledge, or simply someone who has an active lifestyle. Things done together are much better than things done alone, don’t you think?

Hope you will give two non-complicated steps a try. Remember, baby steps to giant strides! All the best😊

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