Too Much Protein? How Much Do You Need?

Protein is needed to repair body cells, produce new ones, provide the body with energy, and more.

No doubt, protein is good for our overall well being.

Also, we often think that we should stuff ourselves with eggs and meat to avoid “losing muscles”. However, too much of something good can only bring harm. Too much protein can make the body sick, instead of growing muscle mass.

Did you know that our need for protein varies from person to person?

The WHO has set the Safe Level of Protein (SLP) intake at 0.83g/kg/day. Do the math and you’ll find out how much protein your body really needs. You don’t have to consume the exact amount, but use it as a guideline so you won’t go overboard.

Of course, it also depends on your goals.

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For example, if you want to gain more lean muscles, you definitely need to increase your protein intake and other macros. Don’t neglect your fruits and vegetables. And don’t forget to train those muscles by exercising! Diet and exercise – they can’t separate.

Speaking of how essential protein is, who says that it is only derived from eggs and meat?

Too much animal-based protein can cause many illnesses such as heart disease, fatty liver disease, damage to pre-existing kidney disease, and weaken the bones.

If you’re not on the plant-based diet, you are highly encouraged to not depend entirely on animal protein. Swap with any of the plant-based alternatives (legumes, tofu, seeds, nuts etc) now and then for good health and overall wellbeing.

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