Signs Of A Heart Attack: Don’t Ignore

Chest pain heart attack

Not many know of the signs of a heart attack and most of the time, ignore them. Examples of such signs are unusual exhaustion and unexplainable sweating. These are often ignored, thinking that it would not do any further harm. 

Note that in most cases, the signs are not as typical as what you might have heard or seen from movies (i.e. gripping your chest, falling to the floor, shortness of breath). There are cases where people would experience a ‘silent heart attack’. There are cases where people have to go through its symptoms for months or even years before a heart attack hits.

Here are the important signs you need to take note of:

Sign #1: Chest pain

Discomfort is felt on the chest (as if it is being pressed or squeezed by something heavy). This pain spreads to various areas of the body such as the neck, jaws, shoulders and back. 

Chest pain can occur temporarily for a few episodes in the long run (months or years) before it leads to a heart attack. This symptom is dangerous because it is temporary. In other words, one feels pain for a short while and it goes away. So, if you are experiencing this, do not take this lightly. Better to get yourself checked as soon as possible just to be sure.

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Sign #2: Unusual shortness of breath and exhaustion

exhaustion is one of the signs of a heart attack

Another sign of an impending heart attack. Exhaustion is normal after doing something physically or mentally draining for a long period of time. However, in this context, the exhaustion is unusual and unexplainable. You feel tired even when you’re in a restful state. It is especially worse when you try to get active. Unusual shortness of breath and fatigue is common before a heart attack happens.

Sign #3: Swellings

When the heart has issues, it is unable to pump blood consistently. Hence, it affects the blood flow and causes the blood to back up in the veins of the legs, feet and ankle, leading to swelling (oedema). Do take note that not all swellings will lead you to a heart attack. It is important to take all the other signs into consideration. If you are not sure, do visit the nearest clinic and get professional advice.

Sign #4: Palpitations


Palpitations are normal when one is undergoing stress and anxiety. Smoking can also cause heart palpitations. So when you are experiencing this, it does not necessarily mean that you have heart issues. However, it is always safe to get yourself checked and evaluated by the physician especially if you have been experiencing it for quite some time along with other heart attack symptoms.

Sign #5: Excessive sweating

excessive sweating

Sweating is normal. Your body needs to sweat to cool yourself down. This is why you sweat while exercising, for example. However, if you are sweating excessively but you are not exercising or simply being active, this symptom might need your immediate attention. Of course, there are those who sweat easily. But keep in mind that this symptom occurs in times when it is not supposed to happen. Imagine you are badly sweating when you are just calmly playing the piano in a mild temperature room. Abnormal, isn’t it? 

There are other signs and symptoms leading to a heart attack.

Not all of these signs serve as a guarantee that a heart attack will suffice. Do consult an expert if you’ve been experiencing 2 or more of these signs.

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