Overthinking: Overcoming The Negatives

Have you ever found yourself thinking about the same thing over and over again?

You would do this to the point that it only stresses you out, make you mentally, emotionally and physically tired, and you also find it difficult to continue with your daily routine. Not to forget, this occurs quite frequently.

You would over-analyze even the smallest thing that has happened to you and you can’t help yourself but create the worse case scenarios at the back of your head.

If so, this means that you are an overthinker.

Overthinking is normal. You don’t have to be ashamed. However, when it disrupts your everyday life, stress and worries clouded your mind especially your decision-making ability, something has to be done. 

Thus, here are four ways that you can try to overcome those malicious thoughts.

1. Affirmations


We all need to affirm ourselves with something positive, just like how we need a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Affirm yourself whenever you begin to feel fatigued due to the constant thinking. By tuning in positivity into your mind, it increases positive energy and helps you to keep your perspective in check.

2. Keep yourself busy

Make yourself busy doing something else. Instead of laying in bed overthinking, get up and find an activity to do. Clean the house, mow the lawn, go for a spontaneous trip to the mall and you can even spontaneously try new food. You can even consider spending time with your friends and family. Anyone that you enjoy being with. You will be surprised that you spend lesser time mulling over your thoughts.

3. Exercise

Nothing beats exercise. It can temporarily distract you. Temporary but it is still better than nothing, right? Doing this allows you to kill two birds with one stone. You get to ease your mental tension and re-energize the body. Try to get out and exercise or do some sports even if you don’t feel like it! You will notice a change:)

4. Let it go

let it go

You overthink about your past, your regrets, and the many decisions that you made in life. Perhaps, it is about time for you to let it go. Make room for new memories and opportunities in your life. Do not waste your time dwelling on things that are no longer worth your time.







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