No motivation to exercise? Here’s what you can do

The journey of fitness and health can be a roller coaster for most of us. There are days when we can exercise for 90 minutes and not utter a word of complaints, while on the other days, we can’t even get a 10 minutes exercise in. If you have absolutely no motivation to exercise, here are some ways to get moving.

cleaning the house as a way to exercise

Clean the house

Did you know you can break a sweat by just doing some chores around the house? Start by vacuuming or sweeping the house, then mop it. Clean the bathrooms. Give it a good scrub from corner to corner, wipe down the dirty mirror. That would be a good cardio and arm workout for you while being productive. 

Wash a car (or two)

You can always wash your car to get a good cardio and arm workout as well. If washing one car is not enough (aka you don’t feel tired yet), wash someone else’s car! It can be your wife’s, husband’s, parent’s, sibling’s, neighbour’s or even friend’s cars. You can even save some money while getting a workout in.

Gardening as a motivation to exercise

Do some gardening

You can always opt to redecorate your backyard or front porch with some flowers and plants as well. Mow the lawn, pluck the weed, relocate some pots, and water your plants. This is a creative way to serve as a motivation to exercise!

Take the stairs

Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. If you live on the 30th floor, you can get off on the 25th floor and walk the remaining five floors. If you live in a multi-story landed house, walk up and down the stairs more than you need. If you’re in a single-story landed house, park your car a little further away and walk to and from your car. If there is a will, there is always a way. 

going for a walk to exercise

Go on a walk (with or without your pets)

Put on a pair of comfy workout pants, wear your running shoes, get your earphones, play a podcast (or your favourite playlist, whichever you fancy) and go for a walk. Bring your pets if you can. Get your steps in while letting your pet(s) have fun.

Walk instead of drive

You have probably heard of this tip before, but it is worth a repeat. Walk instead of drive. Walk to the restaurant 10 minutes away from your house for take-outs instead of drive. Walk to the store to get some groceries. If you can walk the distance, then walk it. Not only can you reduce your carbon footprints, but you can also get some steps in while burning some calories too!  

10 minute workout video to exercise

Put on a 10 minutes workout video, and just start

They say the hardest part is always convincing yourself to start, and that’s true! We have all been through it. So just put that workout clothes on, go to YouTube, choose a short 5-10 minutes workout video that interests you, and just start. Don’t overthink it, just start. 

Break it into smaller chunks of time

Committing to working out for 60 minutes each day right off the bat is probably a huge step for all of us. So break it into smaller chunks and start small. On the first day, do 10 minutes. On the second day, do two times of 10 minutes; you can do a short 10 minutes abs workout in the morning and end your day with a 10 minutes dynamic stretch before you dive into your night routine. This will help build momentum and motivate you to continue working out once you make it a habit. 

Workout without knowing it 

You could blast some good dance music and have a dance party at home. Or play video games that require you to move your body like Just Dance. Or play tag with your kids and pets. Or just punch the air and let all your anger out. You won’t even feel like you are working out. Enjoy some fun time with your loved ones at home, or just yourself. 

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong here. Listen to your body, and find a way that works for you. 

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