Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Into A Year-Long Plan

“Go big or go home” is not applicable for New Year’s Resolutions

The season of “New Year, New Me” is coming, and a lot of us are ready to make big changes in our routines!

2022 is coming in two weeks, which gives us time to plan out our resolutions…. and actually keep them going throughout the year. The problem is, some of us (myself included) tend to leave our resolutions behind as January ends.

So… how do we keep our resolutions?

1. Plan your goals

Creating a goal that only says “eat healthier” with no end date or achievements will probably leave your resolutions during the next festive season. With Chinese New Year coming in February, and Ramadhan beginning in early April, oh man… the amount of self-control you need to resist binge eating!

Besides, eating healthier sounds more like a plan, rather than a goal. Make it specific and measurable. So, grab your 2022 journal and set your plans for a bigger achievement, like “achieving a normal BMI” or “participate in a marathon”. These goals take time, but it is worth the time investment 😉

2. Start small

Hold your horses! If you’re starting a fitness journey by lifting 20 kg weights every day, that might get you in (medical) trouble. If you’re planning to combat addictions by going cold turkey, there’s a high chance of relapsing.

Starting small could be:

  • Cutting down on oily food and sweets
  • Drink plenty of water to substitute soda – sparkling water too, if you’re feeling fancy
  • Creating a workout schedule – alternate cardio and weight workouts every few days
  • Try venturing into other forms of workouts! – Zumba, hiking, badminton, and hey – house cleaning is a form of workout too!

3. Monitor your progress

Keep a handy app that monitors your routines. Better yet, connect your smartwatch to your phone to stay updated with your body! Check your progress from time to time, and celebrate every achievement, even if it’s a little below your expectations. Say you achieved ten thousand steps one day. Why not celebrate it by taking a nice, warm bath and cosying up in bed with your favourite show or book? Who doesn’t love that?

On the other hand, if you’re not seeing any progress, it’s never too late to improve your plans and bounce back into your resolutions! Here’s a quick guide to restart your engine to get back on track.

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