Introverts At The Gym: Survival Tips

If you are an introvert who wants to get fit, but the idea of going to the gym overwhelms you, this article is specially written for you. Here are 5 tips for introverts at the gym.

Before I begin, please note that introversion is never a weakness. It’s the society that associates introversion as inferior. But, we all know what the truth is – we “bring balance to an exhaustingly extroverted society”. *winks*

1. Remember That You Are Not Judged

One of the many reasons why some introverts do not go to the gym is that they fear being judged. To be honest, the people that you see there, there couldn’t care less about what you are doing. Their goal is to use the time they have to focus solely on their workout. So, don’t let these thoughts overcome you. 

2. Do Not Compare

Most of the time, I can assure you that you will see ladies and gents at the gym who look good and also well-built. I know what you are thinking. Do not compare yourself to them! Yes, they look good but remember, they were not born that way. It takes perseverance, hard work, and commitment (and buckets of sweats) to achieve where they are now. You can, too! Start small today!

3. Bring Your Headphones


Most gyms are noisy due to the loud, blasting music and this tends to tire an introvert. Thus, my advice is to bring along your noise-cancelling headphones with you. To be honest, that thing costs a lot! Just download any noise-cancelling sounds and plug in your earphones. Or simply get a pair of earplugs!

4. Consistency Is Key

As long as you are consistent in your gym visits, you’ll soon learn to adapt to the environment. I understand this varies for different people, so do not be pressured when you find yourself still feeling awkward. Take your pace but be consistent:)

5. Ask For Help

2 girls working out together

If you feel lost in the gym, there are trainers readily available to help you out. Just approach one of them and ask for guidance. This will make you feel less awkward that you no longer lose your sense of direction (I can totally relate).

Here you go. Here are 5 “survival” tips for introverts at the gym. You may be planning to start going to the gym or perhaps you already are but in need of a little help. Hope this article gives you a boost in your fitness journey!

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