How To Start Losing Your Belly Fat

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Did you know that EVERYONE has belly fat?

Visceral fat, also commonly known as belly fat, are important as they serve as a “cushion” to protect your organs such as the liver. This is why everyone has them. It is just a matter of how much you have stored in that particular area. Too much belly fat will then put your health to risk, something that you and I must avoid.

How to lose my belly fat?

It is important for you to know that spot reduction (reducing or eliminating fats from one area) is impossible. Researches have established that if one wants to reduce fat from a particular area, he must lose his overall weight. Thus, there is no guarantee that your belly fat will be gone if you only focus on crunches and dumbbell squats. Dr. Michael Jenson, an endocrinologist from Mayo Clinic advised that one should do “exercises that burn the most calories and strengthen your core muscles”, not just focusing on “hundreds of situps”.

Based on the expert’s advice above, we listed several ways for you to start off your belly fat reduction journey.

1. Regular Cardio Exercises

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Studies have shown that cardio exercises, especially when done in high intensity, are ideal in combating both weight loss and also lead to belly fat loss.

Depending on your health, you may choose to start at a lower intensity.

As you build your strength and stamina, you can slowly increase the intensity of your workout.

Many think that they must be a gym junkie in order to get rid of fat. You don’t have to visit your local gym if you feel uncomfortable. Instead, be involved in physical activities that can burn calories. Examples are swimming, hiking, cycling and even walking the dog. The key is to participate in physical activities regularly. Be it cardio exercises or physical activities, we highly recommend you to be physically active for at least 30 minutes a day.

2. Lift Those Weights

lose belly fat by lifting weights

Rather than just focusing on losing weight, you should also focus on building your muscles. By building and strengthening them, calories will be burnt more. Fatty tissue is incapable of burning as much as muscle tissue does.

3. Well-balanced diet

lose belly fat by eating a healthy diet

You are well aware that what you consume plays a pivotal role in your body. In order to get rid of the excess belly fats, you need to avoid certain types of food such as those with added sugar, refined carbs, trans fats, alcohols, and fried foods. Try to have your well-balanced meals regularly and never skip any. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and in this case, we recommend you to consume high-fibre foods as it makes you fuller longer without consuming extra calories. Perfect for losing fats!

4. Check Your Portion Sizes
lose belly fat by taking healthy portion of food

Healthy food has calories too. So remember to keep your food portion sizes in check because calories may add up.

5. Avoid Alcohols
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Ever heard of a beer belly? Alcohol contains calories and also has the ability to suppress fat burning. With the excess calories at hand, they are stored as belly fat. Also, alcohol can increase your appetite. That’s why you tend to have something to munch on during any alcohol drinking session.

These are just some of the many ways that can help you to get started. But one thing that you must remember; your journey to losing belly fat should comprise of BOTH diet and exercise!

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