How To Set Goals For Your Health

Why are goals important? Why do we need to set goals?

Big or small, goals help to set the direction you want to venture in life. They serve as a motivation to excel in life.

This is true even for your health’s sake. Do you want to lose weight? Tone the muscles? Reverse diabetes? All these concerns require GOALS.

Have you been trying to make changes in your lifestyle? Do you find it difficult to start? Begin by setting your own health goals.

Before doing so, there are two things you must know when setting goals.

It must Be Specific

You are more likely to achieve your goals when they are specific. As an example, instead of I want to be fit, opt I want to run my first 10km marathon. That way, it motivates you to work hard on achieving this specific goal.

It has to Be Realistic

Make sure that whatever the goal is, it must be realistic and attainable. Unrealistic goals tend to demotivate you in the long run. So how to make sure that it is achievable? Ask yourself a series of questions:

Am I willing to sacrifice time or money to make it work? Is there anything else that I need to sacrifice?

Is it possible? Humanly speaking

How long is the time frame? Is it realistic?

Hope these two basic and necessary facts help you to tailor your very own health goals! Cheers to better health!

There may be hiccups when you’re on the journey to becoming the best version of yourself. You will face failures but failures are not necessarily bad. Find out why and may you be inspired to continue to grow 🙂

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