How To Get Back On Track Now: 3 Tips

You want to get back on track.

Before, you would go to the gym every week, wake up extra early to prepare a healthy breakfast and not to forget, a hearty lunch box for work. 

You would discipline yourself to practise mindful eating and ensure that you spend your free time doing something productive.

This kind of lifestyle went on consistently for weeks. 

However, things just did not go well and you somehow just gave up.

Now, you’re back to skipping breakfast, eating out daily, doing takeaways, and no longer have the time to visit the gym.

At this point, you feel hopeless, longing to get back to the healthy routine but in your mind, you think that it is beyond impossible.

I am here to tell you that it is possible. Here are 3 easy tips that you might want to try right now to help you get back on track!

1. Start Small

If you have to start all over again, do it! It is still better than not doing anything at all. Used to run five miles? Start walking or jogging for three miles or even just one. Start doing what you are capable of at the moment and work from there. Do not rush. Take your time, just do not stop!

Here’s a couple of (creative) ways for you to start small.

2. Find A Friend

Find a friend who understands your concerns and is willing to help you achieve your goals. Sometimes, doing things alone such as exercising can be pretty mundane. This is why when you do it with someone, not only that you will enjoy yourself, but also it will get you to keep motivated. Plus, a friend can keep you accountable.

3. Keep A Schedule

Schedule the habits that you want to rebuild in your life. According to James Clear, this can be done in two ways: Put it on your calendar or tie it to your current behaviour. On one hand, the former is easy to follow. You basically just schedule a specific time for, let’s say, 15 minutes of jogging around your neighbourhood before work.

Clear also said that you should not necessarily need a specific time for everything. Sometimes, they just need to have a trigger so you are reminded to do them.

Example: Want to start the day by drinking a glass of water? Remember to go drink a glass while you are on your way to the bathroom.

Give yourself a try! Hope these three tips help. Do you have any other tips that you would like to share with us? Comment below:)

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