Gentle Detox, Post-Festive Dinner Edition

Flush out Christmas Dinner residues before the new year begins!

After having a huge meal from an event, like Christmas dinner, it is perfectly normal to have the need for a cleanse.

However, resorting to supplements and strict regimes, even abstinence from eating, brings more harm than benefit.

Detoxification isn’t all about skipping meals or losing weight, it’s about giving your body some rest from all the toxins we consume. In fact, there’s no need for additional measures. All you need is your body, your mind and the self-control to clean eating.

Here are a few ways you could use for gentle detox:

1) Drink, drink, drink!

Drinking plenty of water flushes out toxins from your kidneys, and releases them through urine or sweat. If you’re not a fan of water, try adding some flavor into it. Add a teaspoon of chia seeds for a crunch, give it a squeeze of lime for a slightly sour kick, or add some peppermint leaves for a cooling effect to quench your thirst on a hot day. 

A good amount is to drink at least 2 liters a day. If that sounds like a challenge, give this article a try!

2) Cut out caffeine, alcohol & processed foods

While this sounds heartbreaking, trust me, your body will thank you!

The unholy trinity of caffeine, alcohol & processed foods dehydrates and adds more toxins to the body. Here’s what you can do to replace them throughout your detox journey:

  • Opt alcohol out of your menu enhance your gentle detox journey 

  • Alcohol reduces liver function, which affects fat digestion and toxin elimination 

  • Have a nice bowl of breakfast with fruits and fiber as fuel for energy!
  • Rolled oats are a great source of fiber & slowly releases energy throughout the day! Drizzle some honey and pumpkin seeds, that’s a tasty treat you got right there!

But if you prefer them cold & ready-to-eat, here’s a recipe for a protein-packed overnight oats!

  • Skip the frozen food aisle & fast food chain, and prep your food from home! Processed food contains an unknown amount of additives such as salts, coloring and preservatives to make it appealing.

  • Have a busy day planned throughout the week? Plan your meals by pre-ordering from us! Our menu is truly curated by nutritionists to make sure it’s all vegan, non-processed and all tasty!

3) Sweat it out!

Exercising is a fun and easy way to rid toxins through sweat! It speeds up your heart rate, thus improving blood circulation to bring nutrients to your organs and muscles

If you’re feeling extra, go for a pilates session or sauna treatment with your friends! You don’t have to tire yourself out to break a sweat!

Remember to take a nice shower after a sweaty session, as the toxins released through sweat tend to stick to our skin.

Here’s a few more articles to guide your gentle detox journey:


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