Exercise And Your Self-Confidence

Are you currently trying to improve your self-confidence?

Besides working on your public speaking skills, getting a new haircut, do try exercising or working out regularly.

You may be thinking, How in the world can I increase my self-confidence by sweating myself out every week?

Let me tell you how it works~

1. You Feel Accomplished

I started going to the gym regularly and it has been over a month. I can tell you that with regular workouts, your self-confidence is definitely affected (in a good way, of course). From lifting the lightest weights ever (yup, I was that weak) to slowly lifting heavier ones, it makes me feel confident to face new challenges aka lift heavier weights.

2. Getting Physically Stronger 

Previously, I would struggle with lifting the lightest weights ever found in the gym. Weeks after I first started, I realized that I no longer struggle in lifting the same weights. I had no choice but to add another kg and another after that. To be honest, I thought that it was due to stress that I could lift those weights lol! But my friend told me that my strength is improving. Oh boy! That was music to my ears! It gives me confidence every time I witness what my body is capable of doing.

3. You Look And Feel Better (and of course, better self-confidence)

I’ll be honest. Apart from wanting to improve my strength and stamina, another reason why I started working out is to tone my muscles, especially my arms. This is coming from someone super-thin who thinks that she will be happy with even slightly toned arms. Now, my biceps are not visible yet but do I feel better? Definitely! Going to the gym twice and sometimes badminton and barre/zumba in between,¬† I’m beginning to understand why people enjoy exercising. The “pain” is somehow satisfying haha. And again, it does help with my confidence because to actually go to the gym and play sports requires me to step out of my comfort zone:)

If you’re convicted to give exercising a try, congratulations! There will be days where you’ll feel demotivated, even for a 10-minute workout. Don’t fret, we’ve got your back! We have some ideas for you right here. Enjoy!

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