Emotional Hunger: Do You Feed Your Emotions?

a girl eating ice cream

Do you know the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger?

Physical hunger comes at the right time (as in when you’re truly hungry). It is gradual and you will stop eating when you are full. 

Emotional hunger comes suddenly.

Unlike the former, this type of hunger occurs based on one’s mood. This happens mostly when one is having negative emotions such as sadness, feeling down, depression or stressed out. It starts off with a thought, mostly to crave specific foods, thinking that specific food is able to relieve him or her from emotional pain. 

But we all know that this relief is only temporary. Emotional eaters will find it hard to stop eating.

They will continue eating until they are emotionally “recovered”.

Whenever emotional hunger hits me, there are two foods that I will crave (without fail): McD fries and chocolate (guilty, I know).

So, emotional hunger makes one craves junk food.

This is why in the movies, we see depressed characters comforting themselves by eating boxes of pizza and of course, a giant tub of ice cream (every.single.time).


Emotional hunger leads to regrets.

Why? This happens because of the feeling of guilt for overeating. Who doesn’t? Who doesn’t feel guilty after stuffing himself with unhealthy food? Now the body has to bear the consequences (high cholesterol level, high sugar level, sleeping difficulties, etc). 

So, friend, the next time you feel hungry, take a moment to think about whether you really are.

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