Emotional Eating: Eating Your Feelings?

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Do you eat because you are genuinely hungry? Or simply because you FEEL like eating? You are experiencing Emotional Eating if the latter resonates with you most and this means that you must be careful!

Why? Before that, first thing first, what is emotional eating?

You eat as a way of responding to your feelings.

And most of these feelings are negatives – stress, depression, anxiety and sometimes, boredom! You are definitely not physically hungry but these feelings just have the power to make you FEEL hungry!

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Hence, you would turn to foods with high calories and high carbs with little to zero amount of nutritional values to feed your feelings. And I believe most of us think that these foods are considered as comfort food. How come?

They provide you with instant pleasure.

When eaten, the food causes the brain to produce pleasure-inducing dopamine which makes us feel good, comforted, and happy.

Unfortunately, it is only temporary.

And not long after that, we will go back to eating as a way to get the same effect. This continues until you feel unpleasantly stuffed and instead of feeling pleasure, all you feel is regret and disappointment at this point. These feelings appear because you regret eating food you are not supposed to, which makes you feel down even more (yikes).

Emotional eating may seem harmless but to be honest with you, it’s not. You gotta be careful!

Why? It leads to weight gain and obesity

Feelings cannot be predicted and when you eat based on your feelings, it means (most likely) you are eating at odd hours. This does not do any good for your health especially your weight.

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Emotional eating may seem harmless in the beginning.

However, when this habit continues, it will generously contribute to weight gain and if measures are not taken, obesity takes place. We all know the fearful things that come with obesity: 

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke

…and the list goes on and on. It’s not a pretty list and that’s why, friends, stop eating your feelings!

The next time you feel hungry, pause and ask yourself if it’s genuine or purely emotional. Not sure the difference? Let us help you. Click here.



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