Debunking 5 Common Depression Myths


People often have misconceptions on mental illness and one of them is depression. Although it is one of the most common mental illness out there, there is still a need to educate people on what’s right and wrong.

In this article, we would like to share the five common myths about depression.

Myth #1 Depression is a choice

making choices

According to who? Depression is never a choice. Do you know what it is like to suffer from depression? It feels like sad and sorrow and hopelessness…but x10. Who would want to live that way? Thus, it is never a choice. 

Myth #2 Depression is not a mental issue

It is! It is a medical condition that must be taken seriously. FYI, medically, it is termed as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). If you have depression, you are advised to go to a professional. He will take the necessary steps to help ease out your pain. Also, if needed, appropriate medicine will be prescribed. It varies for different people so some might find that a change in lifestyle does do wonders to their well-being.

Myth #3 Depression is not treatable


This illness CAN be treated. Treatment is prescribed based on how severe one’s depression is.

Myth #4 Depression is only for women

Compared to men, studies did find that women are more prone to having depression. However, this does not mean that men are excluded from having this mental illness. If you know anyone with depression, do not take them lightly. Try to be there for them, talk it out and find a way of how you can be of help. Remember, depression does not discriminate.

Myth #5 Depression is equal to sadness


Sadness is an emotion. All of us experience sadness in our lives and it is completely normal. Depression is an abnormal emotional state. It is abnormal because it affects our thinking process, decision-making, behavior in a chronic way. We can get over the sadness episodes in our lives, let’s say in a few days. However, it is an entirely different case for depression. Depression can last for more than that. We’re talking about weeks, months or even years! Another effect of depression is that it causes the person to no longer enjoy doing things that he once enjoyed.






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