Covid-19: Vaccine Alone Is Not Enough

While getting vaccinated is important (have you gotten yours already?), we can’t rely on Covid-19 vaccine alone for full protection and long-term health.

Besides complying with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), good health is highly influenced by food, sleep, exercise and stress. When one of these is not well taken care of, health is impacted in one way or another.


In general, we should strive to have a healthy diet. WHO says that a healthy diet protects us against non-communicable diseases and this includes the infamous heart disease, hypertension, cancer and diabetes. A healthy diet consists of a variety of nutrient-dense foods especially fruits, vegetables, legumes and seeds. Try to eat less of foods that are high in salt, sugar, saturated fats, artificial trans fats, and processed foods. When we eat the right foods, we have a lower risk of having the need to get medicated, or worse, be admitted to the hospital. Check out Meals by Savor Of Life. You can get healthy meals without worrying about the taste.


Most of us have no choice but to work from home. Unfortunately, due to this, there are many who are struggling to draw a line between work and personal life. Make sure that you get sufficient sleep, not only during the pandemic but also when the situation gets better. Sleep is often overlooked as one of the major factors to good health. Proven by various studies, sleep is essential for strengthening the immune system, balancing hormones, maintain healthy body weight, better mental health and it increases focus and concentration. 


Long periods of inactivity weakens the body. This is especially worse for those who are already diagnosed with lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Exercise plays an important role in good health maintenance. Now that we’re stuck indoors (again), if we don’t exercise and remain inactive, it will lead to weight gain, lack of muscle strength and slowly it also damages our joints. If you still find it hard to incorporate exercise into your routine, see exercise as a way to strengthen your heart – one of the major organs which keeps you alive.

Besides that, exercise to keep you mentally healthy. This pandemic has been a big challenge to many of us, especially for those who are struggling mentally. Workout to ease anxiety, depression and stress 🙂


Job loss, unemployment, loved ones falling sick, death, financial crisis – these are examples of situations that can elevate one’s stress level. It’s important to learn how to manage stress personally before it gets out of hand. Too much stress can negatively impact the body, mind and behaviour. Refer below to see the negative effects of stress:

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There are many ways to manage stress and these include exercise, reduce or stay away from unhealthy foods, seek social support and get enough sleep. Did you know that stress can cause emotional eating? Click here to learn more.

Let’s work together to fight against the pandemic. Get your Covid-19 vaccine, follow the SOPs, and do your best to keep yourself healthy. Soon, life will return to normal!




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