Be A Lizzie: Confidence In All Sizes

The media has managed to affect our confidence. It portrays women who are small, slim and toned as beautiful, eye-pleasing, and well-favoured in the eyes of the public. They can achieve anything and everything.

Fortunately, as years passed, media outlets have been trying to showcase that beauty comes in different sizes. Regardless of your jeans size, you are beautiful nonetheless.

Are you still in doubt?

Are you struggling with a lack of confidence?

Do you think that the way you look right now hinders you from achieving your dreams and goals?

Perhaps, what comes next will make you re-evaluate your perception of the way you look.


Meet Lizzie Velasquez.

She was born with a very rare disease called Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome, which causes premature ageing and makes it impossible for her to gain weight (she weighs 25 kg!).

She is also blind on one eye, very thin and frail.

Ever since she was little, childhood was a difficult phase of life. She was even labelled as The Most Ugly Woman In The World in a video uploaded on Youtube.

I felt like someone was putting a fist through the computer screen and physically punching me. I bawled my eyes out.

Surprisingly, Lizzie took that cruel incident as a turning point in her life.

Now, she is a bullying victim turned anti-bullying advocate, Youtube star, and a highly sought after motivational speaker.

Lizzie giving her talk at TED Talk

Despite her looks, she has successfully published motivational and self-enrichment books such as Dare To Be Kind and Be Beautiful, Be You.

Her advocacy has also inspired her to produce short films portraying her life, struggles and challenges with the purpose of helping others with similar concerns to find faith, hope, confidence and happiness.

Lizzie shared in an interview that although she is contented with where she is in life right now, it does not mean that it is the end to the negative comments and slurs. She continues to “find the good in any situation”.

If she were given the opportunity to cure herself, she would refuse because she wouldn’t have been the person that she is today. Confident and happy, she is able to see life beyond her looks with full confidence.

There you go, friend. A person who has every right to cry, whine and be angry at life. However, she still chooses to have faith and be confident. And look where she is right now.

You, too, can be a Lizzie😊


Nick Vujicic is another inspirational individual that you should know! He is a man born without limbs – who’s also a swimmer, painter, author, and CEO of 2 companies. Read more about him here.

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