A Poem From Room 209

As I stare up high at the big, blue, sky,
I see a small and delicate, white butterfly,
Wondering what it is like to be free up high,
And not in pain as time passes by.

Room 209 has been my second home,
Ever since the tragedy in Rome,
Gasping for air and calling out for home,
And all I see was my name engraved on a marble tomb.

Eating was my hobby since I was a child,
You can say that hobby is pretty wild, 
Children normally play and run the extra mile,
But there’s me stuffing myself with chocolate pies.

Outdoor activities, exercise, not my cup of tea,
I’d rather stay indoors watching cartoons on TV,
With doughnuts on my plate, around two or three,
Would I go for a fourth?  Oui, oui.

Years passed by and I think I was twenty-five,
When I started thinking about whether or not to stay alive,
Un-ending problems made me want to dive,
Into the violent and hungering sea, that jives.

I decided not to end my poor life, 
But somehow I started to have thoughts of knives,
In order to make sure I do stay alive,
I would turn to fast foods which I idolized.

Hamburgers, fries, pizzas, and sweets,
Slowly I found comfort even in luncheon meat, 
Hold your horses, better watch out what you eat,
You don’t want your heart to overbeat.

The doctor’s advice I threw out of the window, 
This time I befriended a wide range of tobacco,
Little did I know, my heart was taking its toll, 
Causing my health to be out of control.

It happened when I was on a tour, 
My heart acting funny I was unsure,
In a blink of an eye, my breathing became poor, 
It was the worst moment of my life that I had to endure.

Eyes wide opened and whom did I first see,
My mum crying and my dad on his knees,
Lord, spare her for she is only thirty-three,
I long to wed her to her husband-to-be.

The doctor came and scanned a paper, 
His shiny, black eyes were as sharp as a laser,
Scribbling something that I could only wonder,
Am I going to die sooner or later?

Well, Mr. Robin, God is definitely good, 
She has the chance to continue her adulthood,
Whatever she practices since her childhood,
Better stop it now especially junk food.

Convicted by the second chance given,
I made a promise to the 3rd heaven,
A change in lifestyle this I must commit, 
It definitely takes time, so be it.

                                                                                  –  O.J





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