6 Tips For Beginners: Plant-based Diet

bowl of salad

Sticking to a plant-based diet may seem scary and overwhelming to some at first. The general perception of this diet is having a bowl of salad for every meal. You know that it’s not true, right?

This article is specially written for those who are keen on trying the plant-based lifestyle but have no clue of what to expect. Here are a few tips just for you!

1) Slowly but surely

It takes time for our body to adopt a whole, new different diet. Thus, it is always wise to take things slow. Do not treat your experience as a “go big or go home” type of thing. You can start by having meatless days twice a week. Continue doing this and once you feel comfortable with this subtle change, you can add more meatless days into your week. This way, the transition is slow, steady and not shocking to your body.

2) Be Open Minded To Trying New Things

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It’s all about having an open mind to trying new food and new flavors when it comes to a plant-based lifestyle. Before becoming one, I used to be picky with my vegetables. However, I knew I had to overcome this “fear” of mine and start eating my veggies, little by little. Now, my parents are proud of me for not putting the greens on the side of the plate. p/s: I still can’t take cucumbers though…ssshh

3) Remember the reason

By constantly reminding yourself of the reason you desire to change, it can make your journey less difficult. Reasons to change ranges from wanting to save the animals, to save our planet, health issues, religion and so on. In my case, it was discipline. I lacked discipline and would eat meat all day (I LOVED chicken) with fewer greens.  Disclaimer: It’s not wrong to eat meat but I could feel that my body was not in a good state. Constantly getting sick and no stamina. Having friends who are practising plant-based diet, I decided to give myself a week to try. In addition to that, I tried to get involved in more physical activities. Now, it has been 4 years since I first made this commitment.

4) Look up for recipes online

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There are tons of plant-based recipes you can get online! Who says you can’t eat shepherd’s pie anymore? There’s a plant-based version that you can give a try! 

5) Fill up your fridge and pantry 

Personally, whenever I see my fridge is filled with those luscious greens and colourful fruits, and the pantry filled with jars of grains, nuts, and granola, it motivates me to eat healthy more. This is just a personal tip that works for me. Buying fruits, nuts and granola can be costly to some (me as well), so I advice you to do your research or ask around with other plant-based eaters on where they usually get theirs. Not only you can make new friends, but you could also learn how to save some dollars too!

6) Brace Yourself


You have to prepare yourself mentally. Why? There will be people who will question your decision. Some may disapprove. In this situation, remain calm and do not fight back. There will be times where you feel tempted to eat a piece of chicken wing when you’re at a party. As long as you are prepared and remember why you started this journey, there shouldn’t be any problem:)


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