5 Signs That You Are Burning Out

an employee is burning out

Whether or not we are doing what we love, most of us are grateful to even have a job, especially with the current economy. In order to bring food to the table and settle the numerous amount of loans, we will give our very best to perform. We set the bar and we will not accept anything less than that.

There is nothing wrong with aiming high. There is nothing wrong with having ambitious goals. But if you are experiencing negative changes physically, emotionally and mentally, then action must be taken asap! 

What I am trying to say here is that job burnout is real and it may be happening to you at this very moment.

What is job burnout?

It is a type of work-related stress that exhausts us physically, emotionally and mentally. It is defined as a state of exhaustion where one is cynical about the value of his/her occupation and doubtful about his/her ability to perform.

Burnout does not happen in a snap. It gradually develops over time. If all those unresolved work-related stresses are piling up, it may lead to burnout. Burnout due to work can take a toll on your overall wellbeing if not detected earlier. Consider some of the common burnout signs we listed down below for early detection.

Sign 1. You experience chronic fatigue

a woman feeling tired

It is normal to feel fatigued or tired when you work. However, when you are at the edge of burning out, you feel chronically tired. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. You dread to get out of bed the next day to go to work. You feel drained to even start the day but you’ve got no choice but step into work. Some may even call in sick on days they don’t feel motivated to be productive. 

Sign 2. You get annoyed with your job

You might also lose interest in a lot of work-related things such as teamwork, meetings, projects, daily tasks, etc. In other words, you lose motivation to be a part of the community at your workplace.

Sign 3. You lose appetite

eating sandwich

Meals are often skipped when you are too stressed and occupied in the given work tasks. In the later stages of burning out, you will lose interest in getting yourself nourished with proper meals. Thus, you lose appetite and if this happens regularly, it will definitely affect your health.

Sign 4. You feel depressed

There is one thing that you must keep in mind – it is completely normal to have bad days in our lives. However, during the gradual growth towards burning out, you may realise that you have more bad days than the good. Not only you feel depleted, but you may also find your mind clouded with suicidal thoughts, thinking that everything will be fine once you end your life. Once you’re thinking of harming yourself, it is a clear sign for you to stop whatever you are doing and seek help!

Sign 5. You have no time for yourself


Another sign you need to be aware of is that you have no time for yourself. To you, there is no such thing as work-life balance. Your work revolves around you, even when you are heading to bed. You sacrifice the time that you would like to spend on yourself and most importantly, your friends and family by doing your work.

As I mentioned earlier, there is absolutely nothing wrong to work hard towards your goals, but if it affects your overall quality of life, then perhaps it is time to reflect and make the necessary changes.













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