4 Health Benefits of Running You Should Know

Running and jogging, both are good for your health. Besides the fact that we all know, that is – it helps to maintain healthy body weight, here are 4 other benefits of running.

Before we begin, here is something to take note of:

Running or jogging may not be everyone’s kind of exercise. In some cases, it poses danger to one’s health. Examples such as those with joint problems, weak pelvic floor and recovering ankle injuries. Be sure to consult your doctor before attempting to incorporate running into your routine.

Now, let’s start.

Running improves cardiovascular health

When you run, the heart rate increases which also means that it leads to rapid blood flow. More oxygen enters and this increases the body’s energy. Running consistently enables the body to perform at a high level, who wouldn’t want to experience that?

It lowers high blood pressure

a couple running

When the heart is healthy and strong, it is able to pump blood efficiently with less effort. Running allows the arteries to contract and expand, which helps to build elasticity and hence, better blood flow.

Another running benefit is it strengthens the muscles

Especially the legs. With consistent runs, your muscles at the lower part of the body will be strengthened. These muscles include your hamstrings, glutes and quads.

Lastly, running helps to reduce stress

a person running

Running, and other physical activities can produce feel-good hormones. That’s why some people prefer to run when they’re feeling under the weather. It helps to alleviate their mood.

Here are some of the health benefits of running. If you’ve been on the track for some time now, continue doing what you do. If you rarely run or never done it before, give it a try (start with a jog first) and share with us how you feel!


If you think that running is boring, here are some ways you can make it fun. Try it out so you yourself can reap the benefits of running! Click here.

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