3 Health Benefits Of Donating Blood You Should Know

Besides saving the lives of others, there are many benefits of donating blood. Not everyone is eligible for blood donation. You may read more about this here.

Before we begin, did you know that accident victims normally need up to 100 pints of blood per person? And on average, there are about 10 pints of blood in a normal human body. That’s a lot!

Let’s continue – blood donation can bring multiple health benefits to the donor too!

Prevents excess iron in the body

While it is desirable to have a higher level of iron in the blood (it helps the blood to transfer oxygen more efficiently), too much of it can cause harm to the body. Unfortunately, in 3 out of 4 cases, people with excess iron do not show any symptoms at the early stage. When it’s not treated, it may lead to heart disease, hypothyroidism, arthritis and more. Hence, by being consistent in blood giving, you are able to remove the excess iron.

Lowers blood pressure and improves heart health

Researchers discovered that consistent blood donation can reverse hypertension. Also, healthy blood pressure leads to a healthier heart. And if you remember, an iron overload in the body does not do good for the heart so consistent blood donation helps to maintain heart health. Do you remember what the signs of a heart attack are? Click here to find out.

Reduces risks of developing cancer

Iron is important to the body. However, an excessive amount is dangerous and linked to cancer-causing free radicals. Iron overload may develop risks of getting certain cancers such as liver and colon cancer. Research has found that those who have lower cancer risks are those who have a normal iron level.

The health benefits of donating blood are great. So, if you fulfil the requirements to become a donor, why not donate some blood? People are the one and only source of blood as it cannot be made or manufactured. That’s why blood donating is important and good – for those in need and you.

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