The 3 Know’s To Stop Smoking

You know the consequence of smoking. You know how it is dangerous to you and to those around you. You know that you must stop smoking. But how should you start? What must you do? Here are the 3 Know’s To Stop Smoking!

First, Know Your Reason To Stop Smoking

Why do you want to quit? Make it specific. If it’s for health reasons, don’t just stop there. Instead of I don’t want to fall sick, consider I don’t want to suffer from cancer. Or besides my partner hates it, go for I treasure our relationship. This is important so that when you fail, your personal reason(s) can motivate you to get back to your feet! It’s okay to fail, just keep going!

Next, Know Your Trigger


There must be something that causes you to reach for that pack of cigarettes. Triggers can be categorised into four groups – emotional, pattern, social and withdrawal.

An emotional trigger is when you smoke because of stress, feelings of anxiousness, fear, boredom and surprisingly, some smoke because of happy feelings!

A pattern trigger relates to an activity that you associate with smoking. Examples include drinking coffee, having breakfast, speaking on the phone and watching TV.

Besides that, there’s the social trigger. This happens when the person is in a social setting along with other smokers and wants to smoke too.

Last but not least, the withdrawal trigger. There are times when you experience withdrawals and these will trigger you to get back to the unhealthy habit. Withdrawals like craving for the taste and scent of smoke and having the urge to do something with your hands such as lighting a stick.

Lastly, Know Your Plan

Lastly, you need to plan ahead and stick to it. For example, ask yourself what would you do when you are stressed? Think of a hobby or something you enjoy doing like watching your favourite show. Do that when you feel stressed instead of smoking.

Making plans

Or, try your best to avoid places where people around you smoke. If you feel the urge to smoke after having your meal, change the routine. You could chew gum or immediately brush your teeth. Try to speak to a non-smoker to encourage you and make the person your accountability partner till you reach your goal.

There are many things that you can do. You just need to start with these basic knows to stop smoking for good. Just remember to reward yourself for the little achievements you achieve during your journey. Be kind to yourself and your health.

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